BOLD Climate Singalong: Singing Together For Climate Action

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Music and laughter was in the air as members and friends of BOLD Climate Action sang their hearts out together on a sunny afternoon in Dublin for climate action. On 30th May, they gathered together for the third and final session of the BOLD Climate Singalong, a community-singing event, where they crooned to some well-known songs, but with a twist—the songs had new lyrics that called for fair climate action!

For instance, Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ had its famous chorus changed to the following in the spirit of calling for bold climate action:

       “Let’s show some spine!

Oldies together for the good

Keep the coal in the mine

Fossil fuels just ain’t no good!”

What a fun and unique twist to climate action, right? As BOLD member Carol-Anne said at the event,

This singalong session is really an opportunity for us at BOLD Climate Action to create connections between all of our members, and do something that's enjoyable, that (also) speaks to our commitments.

The Climate Singalong was guided by experienced singing leader, Rachel Dempsey of Full Circle Change, while BOLD member Rod wrote the climate-aware alternative lyrics. The event also formed part of the Bealtaine Festival, Ireland’s national celebration of the arts and creativity as we age.

Fighting to tackle the climate crisis can often take a lot from us, but BOLD Climate Action members, in their characteristic style, reminded us that there are also ways to take action on climate change that are not only fun, but fulfilling and empowering, too. 

Here's a video capturing some quick testimonials from some of the members on their experience of partaking in this community singing event:

You’ll find below snippets of some of the songs they sang at the final session of the Climate Singalong, along with some pictures.

We hope they leave you with the same sense of hope, passion and empowerment that the BOLD members fiercely embraced while singing together for climate action! 







For more information on BOLD Climate Action, please reach out to Carol-Anne and Rod at: Read more about BOLD Climate Action here.

This BOLD dialogue and action event is part of a wider Global Citizenship Education project, ‘Collaborating to help build an inclusive and diverse movement with the knowledge and skills to be active global citizens committed to a fairer and more sustainable future for all.’ Funded by Irish Aid and Concern, supported by Friends of the Earth.