Campaign Resources

Materials to help you start campaigning

We have developed a campaigns toolkit to help you set up, run, and win, your own Act Local campaign in your community or neighbourhood.

Remember, collective action with others is the key to good campaigning! So don't forget to fill in our Act Local registration form here if you'd like some help in connecting with individuals or groups in your local area who are also interested in getting involved in Act Local.

The resources below should be helpful to guide your campaiging and will also give you suggestions for topics that you and your community can take action on to see real results.

Campaigning Resources

Nuts and Bolts of Campaiging Guide

No matter what issue you decide to focus on, this guide is a must for building and running a successful campaign. It covers the crucial things you must do to build a well functioning local group and run a successful campaign - covering issues like talking to the mediapower analysisgroup organisingrunning effective meetings, research tools and building allies

View the Nuts and Bolts of Campaiging Guide

Press Release Guide

Getting good media coverage can really help your campaign! We've produced a press release guide to help you craft an impactful press release to alert local media to your activities, messages or demands. 

View the Press Release Guide

Petition Guide

Starting a petition can be a really useful way to demonstrate that there is wide support for your campaign or for the particular demands you are making. This guide will help you in setting up a petition.

View the petition guide

Issue specific policy briefing documents

Friends of the Earth's Act Local team can support people and groups to campaign on one (or both) of the following two issues; Space for Nature and Connected Communities.

We’ve identified these issues as areas where local decision makers have a big influence over the kind of community you live in. 

Space for Nature

Reconnect with the natural world as we champion the creation and preservation of green spaces in your locality. Whether it's transforming vacant space into vibrant urban gardens or protecting local parks from development, we're giving you the tools to make your community a sanctuary for biodiversity.

Click here to view the Space for Nature briefing

Connected Communities

Imagine a neighbourhood where walking, cycling, and public transport are not just alternatives but preferred modes of getting around. Act Local empowers you to advocate for cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable communities. Together, we'll work to redesign our streets and infrastructure to prioritise people over cars.

Click here to view the Connected Communities briefing

Cuppa for Climate

Hosting a Cuppa for Climate is one way to get people in your community together to start a conversation about setting up an Act Local campaign. Visit our Cuppa for Climate webpage for information about Cuppa for Climate. 

Learn more about Cuppa for Climate