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Climate Rules Before Gas Storage!

Take our e-action calling on the Government to enact strict climate rules to prevent polluting gas projects like Shannon LNG! Now is the time …

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Pledge to take international solidarity actions

By committing to take solidarity action with us, you can make a difference in even the most challenging of circumstances. By …

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Take Action on Data Centres

Data centre expansion is undermining Ireland's climate action! Take our e-action urging ministers to introduce a moratorium on new data …

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One Future fossil fuel divestment pledge

Do you know where your pension contributions actually go?   Without knowing it, many of us are fuelling the climate crisis …

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End Ireland's fossil fuel dependence

The science is clear: to avoid the worst excesses of climate breakdown, there must be no investment in new fossil fuel projects. We must …

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Ask the Government for faster and fairer climate action

We can see all around us that climate breakdown is accelerating. From floods to extreme heat and more intense storms, …

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I'm sick of plastic and I want to see action

Ireland is the No. 1 plastic producer in Europe. Much of this plastic is unnecessary and a lion’s share comes from our …

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