End Ireland's fossil fuel dependence

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The science is clear: to avoid the worst excesses of climate breakdown, there must be no investment in new fossil fuel projects. We must build a fossil free world and we must do it fast.

The war in Ukraine and the associated energy price crisis has brought us to a crossroads in the fight for a fossil free world. Big decisions about our current and future energy supplies are being made. They must be decisions that rapidly end our dependence on fossil fuels. But there’s a real risk that decisions that have the opposite impact could be made - decisions that could lock us into using filthy fossil fuels for years to come. Well funded fossil fuel lobbyists are pushing hard for the latter. We can’t let their lobbying go unchallenged. It’s time to raise our voices for a fossil free world. For the sake of our climate - and all who are suffering - and will suffer - from climate impacts. And for the sake of those locked into energy poverty today - enslaved by Ireland’s dependence on expensive, volatile, unreliable gas and oil. We can do so much better.

Together, we can break free from fossil fuels. Sign the petition to join us.

Petition Text

Fossil fuels, including fossil methane gas, are fuelling the climate crisis and keeping people locked into energy poverty. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the associated energy price crisis has only served to highlight the dangers of our fossil fuel dependence. I want the Government to act urgently to end Ireland's dependence on all fossil fuels.

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