Get your school involved in the Solar Schools project

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Sign up here and we’ll email you with info and resources that your local school can use to get involved in our Solar …

Energy for Who: Why fighting data centre expansion is crucial for climate action

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Right now, data centres are using up 14% of Ireland’s electricity, more than all the homes …

Energy Poverty Survey : the results are out!

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We recently surveyed Friends of the Earth supporters to get their thoughts on issues related to energy poverty and energy …

Offshore wind is the best way to get off dirty, expensive, imported fossil gas

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Commenting on the announcement of the results of the first offshore wind energy auction, Friends …

Say no to Government U-turn on LNG

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  Take our e-action to say no to U-turns on LNG Liquefied Natural Gas, or LNG, is one of the very worst fossil fuels - indeed it has …

Permitting commercial LNG would be "a fatal betrayal" of climate obligations, FoE warns Minister Ryan

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Friends of the Earth letter to Minister Ryan lays out why a "more fossil …