Community Power

Community Climate Action: Practitioners Training Programme

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Call for Youth Workers & Community Workers to Join Us This residential programme will equip practitioners to …

Sowing the Seeds of Healing Justice: A Residential Retreat in Ireland

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Sorry! Registration for this event is now closed. In May 2024, a residential retreat in Co. Sligo will …

50th Anniversary Education Day

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As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Friends of the Earth, we invite you to join us for a day of enlightenment and empowerment at our …

Looking back at our Cold Water Dip Challenge

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On the 16th of March, we had our Cold Water Dip Challenge, a unique twist to climate action! We hosted this gathering as a …

New recycling scheme shows that citizen action and campaigning works

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Citizen action, campaigning and work by VOICE and Friends of the Earth pushed the Government to introduce …

After years of campaigning Ireland’s schools now set to run on sun

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Solar powered schools will be a shining example of the benefits of small scale, community owned renewable …