50th Anniversary Education Day

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As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Friends of the Earth, we invite you to join us for a day of enlightenment and empowerment at our …

Let's break the silence about the COP28 elephant in the room; fossil fuels

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Did you spot the elephant headed Big Oil executives roaming around the Dáil yesterday? They’re …

Join Friends of the Earth at the Diversity not Division march

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There can be no climate justice without migrant justice. That’s why Friends of the Earth is joining the Ireland …

Looking back at the Global Day for Climate Action

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On 12th November 2022, we took part in a Global Day of Climate Action during the COP27 UN Climate Talks. Here we reflect …

Why we're marching for Diversity not Division this Saturday

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The climate movement would be nothing without diversity. In the global North we owe so much to …

Loss and Damage Fund will be a hollow victory without radical emissions cuts

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Loss and Damage Fund a landmark win for climate justice but Fund will be a pyrrhic victory if …