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Kicking fossil fuels out of our home heating systems would change our lives so much for the better. It would free us from our dependence on expensive, …

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New Shannon LNG proposal tone deaf to Government’s climate and energy requirements

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Government must take immediate steps to enact promised climate and energy conditions …

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Take Action on Data Centres

Data centre expansion is undermining Ireland's climate action! Take our e-action urging ministers to introduce a moratorium on new data …

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Our No New Gas Campaign

It's time to end the fossil fuel era

We’re campaigning to stop the Government making decisions now that would keep Ireland hooked on highly polluting fossil gas for years to come. Decisions that would also keep thousands of Irish people locked into energy poverty...

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Data centres

Driving gas demand in the wrong direction

Data centres are forecast to use a staggering 30% of Ireland’s electricity by 2030. If this is allowed to happen it would create additional need for fossil gas generation. Data centres are also being used as justification for building new fossil fuel infrastructure, such as climate-wrecking LNG import terminals. 

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Time's up for Gas

Gas fuels energy poverty and climate chaos

As a fossil fuel, gas is a major emitter of carbon dioxide and driver of climate breakdown. Gas is also keeping households locked into energy poverty. Our colleagues in Friends of the Earth Europe have produced a clever set of infographics to illustrate why "time's up for gas".

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