Join the Movement

Connect with others to work together for environmental justice! Join one of the groups below - some of these groups are connected to Friends of the Earth, while others are totally independent. If you'd like your group to be listed here too please get in touch with us!

One Future Local Climate Campaign Groups

One Future is a network of local climate campaign groups, who organise at constituency level to lobby TDs and campaign more generally for faster and fairer climate action. Join the One Future mailing list to be connected with your local group and get involved.

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Dublin Friends of the Earth

Dublin Friends of the Earth is an active group of volunteers who work together to champion urgent environmental causes that have a positive and practical effect in helping our environment in Dublin, Ireland and globally.

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Slí Eile

Grassroots climate justice group - active across the island of Ireland and organising a climate camp in Kerry in August 2022

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Not Here Not Anywhere

An independent, nationwide, grassroots volunteer group campaigning to end fossil fuel exploration and the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure in Ireland. They advocate for a just transition to renewable energy systems both here and around the world.

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BOLD Climate Action

BOLD Climate Action was set up by older people who are very concerned about the climate crisis - and the failure of the Irish government to seriously address it.

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Young Friends of the Earth

The perfect group for young person who want to take action for climate justice. Meet other like-minded young people, learn about climate justice issues and take action to be part of the solution!

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