Energy for Who: Why fighting data centre expansion is crucial for climate action

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Right now, data centres are using up 14% of Ireland’s electricity, more than all the homes …

Energy Poverty Survey : the results are out!

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We recently surveyed Friends of the Earth supporters to get their thoughts on issues related to energy poverty and energy …

Ending Europe’s fossil fuel addiction: There can be no u-turns

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How we heat our buildings has a big impact on our climate. And a big impact on our lives. Dependence on …

Find out how to get solar panels on your local school with this animation

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Two weeks ago, we were delighted to share news about the amazing achievements of the schools who won …

Online Workshop: Energy Security - Have your say against Fossil Fuels

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Climate action must be front and centre of the Government’s energy policy. This means Government …

Death knell for Shannon LNG as experts rule out commercial LNG in Ireland

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Expert Review of Energy Security signals the end of Shannon LNG and other commercial fossil fuel …