One Future fossil fuel divestment pledge

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Do you know where your pension contributions actually go?  

Without knowing it, many of us are fuelling the climate crisis through our pensions.

In Ireland, many pension contributions end up in pension funds which invest in fossil fuel corporations, who in turn use those funds to explore and drill in new places for fossil fuels. With the devastating impacts of climate breakdown increasing around the world - from food shortages to flooding, we cannot afford to give these risky companies any more money.  
We’re asking workers across the country to take action by talking to our employers and pension fund providers and asking that our pensions are divested away from fossil fuels. 

This pledge, hosted by Friends of the Earth, has been created by Divest Ireland, a grassroots group in the One Future network which Friends of the Earth supports. When you sign the pledge we'll send you an email with some info on how you can get in touch with Divest Ireland, if you wish. 

Divest Ireland want to break the grip of fossil fuel companies by divesting our pension and wages away from this industry. You can be part of this movement by pledging to take a first step towards divestment.

Sign the pledge to commit do doing one or more of the following:

  • Contact your employer to ask about divesting your pension fund.
  • Contact your colleagues to discuss how you can act on this together.
  • Organise a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session for colleagues to organise on this issue.
  • Contact your pension provider to ask about divesting your pension from fossil fuels.

Learn more about this campaign here

Petition Text

I pledge to tell my employer, my colleagues, and/or my pension fund provider that I want my pension divested from fossil fuels. I pledge to take action on this, by speaking to my employer, colleagues or pension provider.

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