One Future

Energy for Who: Why fighting data centre expansion is crucial for climate action

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Data centres are now using 18% of Ireland’s electricity, as much as all the urban homes in …

One Future fossil fuel divestment pledge

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Do you know where your pension contributions actually go?   Without knowing it, many of us are fuelling the climate crisis …

One Future 2022 round up blog

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One Future is a network of groups and activists who came together in 2020 to campaign and lobby for faster and fairer climate action. Our network …

One Future in Action

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The fracking industry has been trying to build the Shannon Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) import terminal for a long time. If built, Shannon LNG would be one …

Update on One Future

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Friends of the Earth supports people who are concerned about the climate crisis, to take action together. One of the ways we bring people together to …

Climate Messaging 101 with NEON

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Want to learn more about talking to others about climate justice - from neighbours to politicians to the media? Join us for this amazing …