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Use our e-action to make a submission to the energy security consultation

Want to have your say on Ireland's energy security? The Department of Environment, Climate, and …

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Take our e-action to support the Race to Zero

The Government will be making big decisions on three key climate policies in the next six weeks and we want our voices ringing in …

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E-action: Ask the Irish Government to show global solidarity and climate leadership at COP27

With climate impacts intensifying across the globe, we can’t let another UN …

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Pledge: I'll raise my voice for climate action!

The Government has big decisions to take on climate action by the middle of November. That’s when it’s due to publish its …

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End Ireland's fossil fuel dependence

The science is clear: to avoid the worst excesses of climate breakdown, there must be no investment in new fossil fuel projects. We must …

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Ask the Government for faster and fairer climate action

We can see all around us that climate breakdown is accelerating. From floods to extreme heat and more intense storms, …

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