Ask your TDs to read Greta's Climate Book

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Use our e-action to ask your TDs to get reading!

Thanks to generous Friends of the Earth members, we've raised enough money to buy a copy of Greta Thunberg's Climate Book for every TD. We've already started gifting TDs with their books, now we just need to make sure they read them! This is where YOU can help - could you use this e-action to ask your TDs to get reading?

We've been writing on the books that they're from members of Friends of the Earth in their constituency who want to see bold and brave climate action. Taking this e-action is the perfect opportunity to let your local TDs know you are one of those people, that you want them to push for fast and fair climate action. And that the wealth of lived experience and academic expertise represented by the dozens of authors in Greta’s book can give them both the information and the inspiration they need.

So don't delay, use our e-action to email your TDs today! 

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