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In collaboration with VOICE Ireland, Friends of the Earth has been campaigning against excessive waste and single use plastic for many years. We’ve taken some important steps forward in the fight against disposable items. Irish and EU legislation has started tackling the very worst culprits that have been polluting our beaches, harming both people and wildlife and clogging up landfill sites. 

But there’s still more to do - not least winning the war against disposable cups! Following years of campaigning the Government is proposing to introduce a levy on single-use cups. It’s fantastic news - but we’re not over the line just yet. The Government is currently running a consultation on this levy. It’s a great opportunity to have our say on making the levy as watertight as possible, close off loopholes and make sure it’s fit for purpose. Use our e-action to make a submission to the consultation before it closes at 5.30pm this Friday, 25th November

A levy on disposal cups is good but we need much more than that. We want the Government to clamp down on all single use items. And to make it easy for people to live without them! The disposal cup levy consultation is an opportunity to ask for more. To demand that the levy be expanded to all single-use packaging, beyond disposable cups alone. Please take our e-action to back our call for a levy on all single use packaging!

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