Demand warm homes for all in the Budget

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Stop people choosing between heating and eating this winter!

Take our e-action calling ministers to prioritise warmer homes for all in the Budget.

They have an opportunity to make the budget both a climate and cost-of-living budget by substantially increasing support to tackle cold, inefficient homes dependent on fossil fuels, which is leading to high energy bills and high emissions.

Winter can seem far away as we enjoy this September heat. But for many people, the question of how they’ll heat their homes this winter is already causing anxiety. Our addiction to dirty, expensive fossil fuels is not only driving the climate crisis but will also force people to choose between heating and eating once the cold weather creeps in.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve a few months to act before winter arrives. And a few weeks to act before Budget decisions that could help ease both energy poverty and cut our polluting emissions are made. 

Decision-makers can act now to help people break free from fossil fuels and live in cosier, more sustainable homes.

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