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We need you to speak up for climate action. Now that we have legally-binding limits on climate pollution, nationally and sectorally, the real work begins. There’s a host of practical actions that national ministers and local councils need to take to actually cut emissions. And already we’re seeing pushback and reluctance to act in many places.

Use our Action Pledge to tell us what you’ll do to push for faster and fairer climate action this year

We have seen what the Friends of the Earth community can achieve together over the last few years: not just the 2021 climate law, but also helping grassroots groups win the ban on fracking and getting a payment for people who generate electricity for the grid from solar panels on their homes and schools.

Now we need that same energy and activism to get national and local government moving fast enough to cut pollution radically. There’s a wider range of issues than ever before from promoting cycle lanes to resisting data centres and from championing solar schools to tackling energy poverty by getting off fossil fuel heating. And every local authority has to make its own climate action plan this year, under the climate law.

As climate breakdown accelerates we’re asking you to take the Friends of the Earth Action Pledge. Whatever you can do will help tip the balance towards faster and fairer climate action. 

There are all sorts of of things you can consider pledging, here are just some:

  • Texting your favourite radio show when they have someone to discuss climate, to say we need to do more, faster
  • Making sure your local school is asking the Minister for Education to include them in the “Every school a solar school” initiative as soon as possible.
  • Calling your local county councillor or another decision maker who can make a difference on any climate issue that matters to you, from building safe cycling routes to school to promoting collective community retrofits that get the best price.
  • Calling RTE’s Liveline when climate is discussed to make sure there are voices in favour of action on air.
  • Hosting a “Cuppa for Climate” with Friends of the Earth to give your friends and neighbours somewhere to talk about the climate crisis, the anxiety it causes and how action is the best antidote to anxiety. 
  • Joining a local group active in your area or helping set one up if there isn’t one.
  • Holding a demo outside your local county council office if they aren’t taking climate action seriously (or stage a sit-in inside).
  • Objecting to planning permission for a data centre in your area or protesting outside one that’s being built (and telling your local paper and radio station).
  • Raising money to support Friends of Earth’s work through a “Cuppa for Climate” or another activity. 

Whatever you pledge to do, we’ll send you a copy of what you have written - perhaps you might like to stick a note on your fridge about it too to inspire and remind you to keep your pledge!

**If you need some more inspiration, support, or ideas for taking action, visit our campaign engagement blog here where we've included a recording of a webinar about our campaigns and how to get involved with them - along with a bunch of useful resources and take-action oppportunities.**

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