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The Government has big decisions to take on climate action by the middle of November. That’s when it’s due to publish its new Climate Action Plan. The Plan is legally required to detail how the Government will make sure we live within the national pollution limit set by the Dáil for 2021 - 2025 and how the different Ministers will keep to their binding sectoral ceilings.

Only bold action will do now. We’re way past time for half-measures and baby steps. 

It’s an emergency and the Government needs to act like it. And so do we. Will you pledge to try to talk to your TD before the the Global Day of Action on 12th November?

We’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll provide you with an e-action you can use to email your TDs, outlining your concern and suggesting that you’d love to have a word with them. We’ll give you talking points and FAQs. And we’ll organise online webinars and workshops to support you with making those all important calls to your TDs. 

And you can do it in whatever way you are most comfortable. You might like to call your TD's office in the Dáil just to check if they got your email - you can leave and note with whoever answers who will tell your TD that you called. You could keep it as simple as that. Or you could ask to actually speak to the TD yourself to reiterate your concerns. Or we can connect you with other people in your constituency and ask for a Zoom meeting with your TDs together. Or some of you may decide to visit your TDs’ constituency clinics in person!

Whatever you do, your action will up the pressure on the political system to deliver a Climate Action Plan big enough to meet the moment we are in.

Sign the pledge today and together we’ll press for faster and fairer climate action.

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I pledge to try to talk to my TDs about climate action before 12th November

And I'm happy for Friends of the Earth to send me supportive information and tips, and invites to Zoom clinics and workshops to help me fulfil this pledge.

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