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Liquefied Natural Gas, or LNG, is one of the very worst fossil fuels - indeed it has been described as the “liquid path to climate chaos”. It’s fossil gas that is extracted (often by highly polluting fracking methods), chilled to minus 162°C in order to be liquefied, shipped across an ocean, converted back into gaseous form and then pumped on to its final destination where it will be consumed and burned. 

All of this comes with huge carbon emissions. And that’s not all. LNG can have devastating social and health impacts on the communities it touches. Think of communities in the US whose land, water and air is being contaminated by massive fracking operations. Or communities in Ireland faced with the prospect of having a polluting gas-filled terminal on their doorstep should LNG imports in Ireland be given a green light. 

One of the Green Party’s conditions for going into Government was that the coalition Government would oppose the development of LNG terminals for importing fracked gas into Ireland. Highly polluting fracked LNG was a red line issue - and rightly so. 

But now we’re worried that Minister Eamon Ryan may be considering a U-turn on long-standing Green Party policy on LNG. He made worrying comments in the Business Post that the Government is considering accepting polluting LNG. This would be a disaster for Ireland’s climate commitments - and for communities facing fracking or the development of LNG import terminals in their area. We need the Minister to clarify on record in the Dáil that his review of energy security will reject LNG.

Please take our e-action urging Eamon Ryan not to U-turn on LNG. Let’s remind him that this is a redline issue for the climate movement! And that any change of position on it would be a fatal betrayal of climate activists.

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