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The Government will be making big decisions on three key climate policies in the next six weeks and we want our voices ringing in their ears when they are making those decisions.

The Climate Action Plan, the Energy Security Review and the Energy Poverty Action Plan are all at crucial junctures. Add to that the upcoming UN COP27 Climate Talks in Egypt and there’s a lot at stake for climate action both nationally and internationally between now and mid November.

Will you raise your voice for bold climate action by taking our e-action asking your TDs to do all they can to support the race to zero pollution, zero energy poverty and zero fossil fuels?  

The time for half-measures and baby steps is long past. We are in a climate and energy emergency and the Government needs to react at the same scale and with the same urgency as they did to the Covid-19 emergency.

Don’t delay - email your TDs today! 

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