The Power of Community Fundraising

Help raise funds through your Cuppa for Climate with a community fundraiser on iDonate today! iDonate is an online platform that helps people raise funds from their community for a cause they care about.

What is Community Fundraising?

Community fundraising is when we invite those in our community to contribute to a collective donation to a cause we care about. When each person makes a small donation, it adds up and increases our impact as a whole. Together we can do more and we can give more.

When we think about climate action, we often think of actions such as protesting or talking to our political representatives. But there's another crucial aspect to this global challenge that doesn't always get the spotlight it deserves: community fundraising.

Raising money for climate action isn't just about collecting funds; it's a form of activism in itself. Financial support is vital for the existence of and continuation of organisations and projects dedicated to addressing environmental issues. By raising money, you contribute to the collective effort to create a better world. There are many ways to raise money, through Cuppa for Climate, through personal challenges or community events. 

Community fundraising is also a powerful tool for building connections within your community or at work as it provides opportunities for people to engage with one another, share ideas, and work towards a shared vision of a better future. Coming together and taking action like this is key to creating a just world where people and nature thrive.

There are many ways to go about it!

The thought of asking our peers for money can be daunting. It's important to remember that fundraising isn't about personal gain, it's about supporting a cause for the greater good. Not everyone can contribute financially, and that's okay. Environmental activism takes many forms, from volunteering time and skills to signing petitions and participating in e-actions, however, we know that many people can and are willing to donate if asked, so it’s always worth asking. More often than not, people are delighted to be asked to help with something positive and appreciate the chance to act on something they care about too.

Cuppa for Climate attracts people who care about the environment and want to connect with like-minded people and find ways to take positive action. Inviting your Cuppa for Climate guests to make a small donation to Friends of the Earth gives them a tangible and important action to take straight away. This is hugely impactful when the thoughts of taking action on climate change can be overwhelming when you are just getting started.

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If asking people is still scary to you, you can turn elements of your event into fundraisers. Depending on the type of event, consider hosting a ticketed event with a donation ask when people register or RSVP. Run a bake sale by asking people to make a donation in exchange for a coffee, tea or sweet treat. Running a raffle is also a great way to raise funds!

Invite your community to donate to your Cuppa for Climate either before your gathering or at the gathering itself. You can tell your community about your Cuppa for Climate by sharing your fundraiser page via WhatsApp, social media or email. Of course, you can also collect donations physically at your Cuppa for Climate too. 

Get started by setting up your fundraiser on IDonate here.

  • To set up your fundraising page on iDonate, simply go to and click the orange ‘Start Fundraising’ button.
  • You can also download the IDonate Tap app on your phone that allows your participants to make donations directly and securely on your phone.  google-play-badge-300x116

The power of community fundraising lies in its ability to mobilise support and turn it into collective action. By coming together to support climate initiatives, you can make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. Thank you for all that you do and give.

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