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Feedback of the Cuppa for Climate experience from hosts, attendees and staff to explain further what it's all about and why it's a great event to be part of.


There were nice, open conversations about our own views and experience of nature, biodiversity, climate action and justice - the Friends of the Earth guide was really helpful for directing the flow of the event. It was great to learn about new areas of nature to visit, and about the events, groups and initiatives that local people have created to be more environmentally sound, together. - Catherine, Cuppa for Climate event organiser 
We both live in the area and have a personal interest in contributing positively to climate action and justice so we decided to host the Cuppa for Climate to meet like minded people based in Dublin 8. - Collette, Cuppa for Climate event organiser

Watch the video below to hear more from the organisers and attendees of the successful event in Inchicore.

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The climate conversations ranged from the fascinating communication of mycelium networks underneath our feet, the smells of the tree sap in the heat, the circular economy and how we engage collectively in this transition and other topics that bounced from person to person in this nature filled space where one can talk about creating a healthy sustainable world in a relaxing, safe and community filled space. - Rachel, Cuppa for Climate event organiser


Having only joined Friends of the Earth staff recently, I've come to realise the importance of community within the environmental movement to create any change. Witnessing the gathering of both familiar and new faces during Culture Night was truly heartening. One of the key elements that became evident was the struggle many face with climate anxiety. However, the event highlighted for me the power of collective action by sharing this burden and transforming it into actionable efforts. Initiatives like Cuppa for Climate offer an excellent opportunity to discover like-minded people in your community, neighbourhoods and workplaces, and will ignite the motivation to create lasting change. This will be important as we navigate the ongoing environmental challenges, especially in light of the upcoming local elections next year. - Ruth Jedidja

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I really enjoyed this rich discussion; we are focusing a lot more on the policy space with this Fairtrade Fortnight. This was reflected in the Launch Event where we initiated our #VoteFairtrade campaign on the upcoming MEP elections. It was also reflected in the expertise of our visiting producer, Rafael, who spoke at length about the new EU deforestation regulations. Great to collaborate with Friends of the Earth who have always excelled in policy and we look forward to future collaborations. - Aidan Ring, Fairtrade Ireland

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