Ireland at COP27: From Loss and Damage to a Fossil Fuel Treaty

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Can we show global solidarity and climate leadership at the UN Climate Talks? 

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Right now across the global South people are being forced to fight and flee for their lives against the worsening impacts of climate change. Extreme drought as a result of exacerbated climate change is raging across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia where someone is dying every 48 seconds from hunger.

Devastating and severe  floods in Pakistan have submerged one third of the country, destroying homes and livelihoods and killing over 1500 people. These types of devastating climate impacts, which go beyond what people can adapt to, are referred to as Loss and Damage. 

This webinar will explore the meaning of climate Loss and Damage, look at its human impacts and hear the stories of inspirational activists who are campaigning for the establishment of a Loss and Damage Finance Fund to help vulnerable communities and countries deal with climate losses and damages.

Participants will be given an opportunity to take a range of different actions to push rich countries like Ireland and the EU to take responsibility for the climate impacts we have caused by supporting this Loss and Damage Fund at the upcoming COP27 Climate Talks.

We’ll also explore how we can take action together to push the Irish Government to support efforts to end the fossil fuel era during the COP27 Climate Talks. The Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty is a global initiative to phase out fossil fuels and support a just transition for every worker, community and country. And we want Ireland to join it! 

This Treaty aims to prevent the proliferation of coal, oil and gas by ending all new exploration and production. This autumn, the South Pacific island country of Vanuatu became the first nation-state to join the Treaty.

We hope more countries will join the Treaty during COP27 and Ireland has an opportunity to show climate leadership by being one of them. Join this webinar to learn more and find out how you can take action to push the Irish Government to join the Treaty.