Webinar: Raise your voice for climate action

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This webinar will kick-start a month of campaigning for radical climate action. The Government will be making big decisions on three key policies in the next two months and we want our voices ringing in their ears when they are making those decisions. We’ll discuss how we can make that happen during this webinar with Friends of the Earth staff!

The three policies are the Climate Action Plan, the Energy Security Review and the Energy Poverty Action Plan. We have plenty of specific demands on climate and energy security, poverty and pollution. And we’ll share talking points on these, as well as background briefings and FAQs during the webinar. But to to be honest, the most important thing for our climate campaign right now is our headline message. And that’s very simple. Only big and bold action will do now, to meet the moment we are in.

The time for half-measures and baby steps is long past. We are in a climate and energy emergency and the Government needs to react at the same scale and with the same urgency as they did to the Covid-19 emergency.

Join this webinar to find out how YOU can help make that happen!