Learning Hub

Books, films, workshops, webinars and more to dig deep into big climate issues!

Our Learning Hub is a carefully curated space for discussion, critical thinking, peer education and building a sense of solidarity.

We run webinars and workshops that are loosely based on themes emerging from books, films or other written, audio or visual resources.

Our most recent Learning Hub Series of events finished in May 2022 - we’ll start a new series of events later this year. In the meantime you can watch recordings from recent Learning Hub webinars here - you’ll also find some resources associated with each webinar, such as our read and watch lists to help you explore the topics we deal with in more detail. In this series we explored (among other things) themes from the books “Warmth” by Daniel Sherrell and “How to Blow up a Pipeline” by Andreas Malm. 

It is thanks to Irish Aid that we are able to fund this Learning Hub as part of our Global Citizenship Education programme. The views expressed in our Learning Hub events and resources are those of our speakers and contributors and not necessarily those of Irish Aid.