Event Two: Protecting the environment while rolling out renewable energy

This event, which took place in Dublin on 26th October 2022, explored how Ireland can better protect the environment and biodiversity while delivering necessary infrastructure to meet climate and renewables targets. We talked with fellow NGO's who shared their thoughts.


The purpose of the event was to provide participants with the opportunity to highlight concerns regarding environmental and biodiversity protection in the context of renewables expansion, as well as to map these issues and explore what changes are necessary at Government level.IMG_20221026_120324

The morning featured a private facilitated discussion among civil society participants on issues relating to environmental impacts of renewables, changes to the planning system, as well as the impact of offshore wind on Marine Protected Areas. In the afternoon, civil society participants got the opportunity to engage with state and industry stakeholders on these issues.

20221026 Friends of the Earth - Our Energy Future Workshop - Agenda (5)