Nuts and Bolts: Our New Campaign Guide

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A handbook for community and grassroots groups

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Check out our brand new handbook for groups and individuals interested in community led climate action in Ireland


This introductory guide covers an extensive range of local organising issues, from simple tips for talking to the media, power analysis, group organising, running effective meetings, research tools and building allies

Our Movement Building team in Friends of the Earth Ireland produced this guide in Spring 2023, in response to a growing number of queries from community groups who wanted to take climate action in the context of local communities.

We hope it is a resource that can be used by grassroots activists, student groups, union groups, faith groups, community groups, and anyone looking to build a local campaign to make transformational change in their communities. 

Download and read the guide here!

For more information on our campaign guide or to request a physical copy - please email

Illustrations by Iris Aghedo

Iris Aghedo campaign guide illustration