Global Citizenship Education and Activism Support Officer

Friends of the Earth Ireland is recruiting a Global Citizenship Education and Activism Support Officer to join our Movement Building team.

Applications have closed for this job.
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Our Education and Training Programme and Activism Support work directly relates to our organisational goals of building movement power (Goal 1), cultivating our community (Goal 3) as well as indirectly supporting and advancing our work to drive policy change (Goal 2) - through the actions that are taken as a result of our educational interventions, activism support and network development initiatives, training, and capacity building.

You will have a particular focus on the delivery of key components of our adult and youth education activities, as well as strengthening the pathways of engagement for our network of activists and groups for our key campaigns.

You will report to Friends of the Earth’s Head of Movement Building and will also liaise closely with our key campaign leads.

Purpose of the role
To educate and empower a growing and diverse national network of climate action groups and activists to engage and take informed action on environmental and social justice issues through our campaigning work.

This will be achieved through the delivery of key global justice educational activities and strengthening and supporting the pathways for activists and groups in our network to engage and take informed action with our key campaigns.

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