Climate Justice Begins at Home - what climate justice means for Ireland

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This event is today, Monday, in Dublin. The event is called "Climate Justice Begins at Home" and takes place at 7.15pm in the Radisson Blu Hotel behind Dublin Castle. Our speakers panel will be Maanda Ngoitiko, a Maasai Pastoralist from Northern Tanzania, Cecilia Kibe Muthoni, the co-ordinator for the Kenya Climate Justice Women Champions, John Brennan, an Irish Organic farmer and Molly Walsh, a Campaigner with Friends of the Earth.

Maanda and Cecilia are in Ireland as they are participants at a conference the Irish Government has organised called "Hunger, Nutrition and Climate Justice". The Government's conference is invitation only so our event will be a forum to alllow for a public discussion of climate justice. We believe that climate justice must start at home and that this means developed countries like Ireland taking responsibility for reducing our emissions. A particular theme of our evening will be what climate justice really means in terms of sustainable agriculture, food sovereignty and land use.

We are organising this event with our allies Trócaire, Oxfam and Christian Aid and the Irish Food Sovereignty Network.

This event is free and you don't need to register.


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