Cuppa for Climate at Culture Night

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Check out the latest Cuppa for Climate event, this time in Smithfield for Culture Night!

To celebrate Culture Night, Friends of the Earth were delighted to host a series of Cuppa for Climate events in the beautiful Third Space Cafe in Smithfield, Dublin. The events were moderated by our newest Supporter Care and Fundraising Officer Ruth Jedidja, who masterfully led the talks. 

IMG_20230922_220057Over tea, coffee and cakes what transpired was an evening bustling in conversation and energy. Using our Cuppa for Climate Toolkit to guide the conversation, the Friends of the Earth community shared ideas, Climate woes, solutions, reflections on the past and much more. 

Guests of all ages and backgrounds chatted amongst themselves at their tables, and then we opened up the discussions to the room where each person shared what stood out to them. People left feeling more connected, motivated and like their feelings were seen and heard by like minded people.

IMG_20230922_192314"Having only joined Friends of the Earth staff recently, I've come to realise the importance of community within the environmental movement to create any change. Witnessing the gathering of both familiar and new faces during Culture Night was truly heartening. One of the key elements that became evident was the struggle many face with climate anxiety. However, the event highlighted for me the power of collective action by sharing this burden and transforming it into actionable efforts. Initiatives like Cuppa for Climate offer an excellent opportunity to discover like-minded people in your community, neighbourhoods and workplaces, and will ignite the motivation to create lasting change. This will be important as we navigate the ongoing environmental challenges, especially in light of the upcoming local elections next year." - Ruth Jedidja

The Cuppa for Climate initiative aims to put climate action and a sense of comradery into our homes and local communities today, encouraging accessible conversation with the guidance and support of the Friends of the Earth team and community.

IMG_20230922_205405If you would like to start a climate conversation with your family, friends or colleagues this is a wonderful opportunity to get involved. Here is more information on how to create your own Cuppa for Climate to get you started, and if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

When we work together we can give climate action the momentum it seriously deserves.



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