Join us for a Cold Water Dip Challenge!

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From volunteering to fundraising - there are lots of ways to take part

Spending time in nature with like minded people, who share our concerns and want to be a part of positive action gives us strength and hope. It reminds us of our purpose as friends of the earth, supports our mental health and brings more joy into our activism.

Join us for a Cold Water Dip Challenge on March 16th at 2pm at Sandycove Beach in Dublin to connect with nature and our community. If you can’t make it to Sandycove, we encourage you to take part wherever you are at a time that suits you!

Let us know if you’re taking part either at Sandycove or somewhere else by registering at the link below. We’ll be in touch with you after you sign up.

Join our Cold Water Dip Challenge

Plunging into the cold sea is one of the things you could regularly do to support your well-being and build your resilience and help sustain your activism. It also reminds us that we can do hard things

Showing up to help save what we love is not an easy thing to do. It can sometimes feel relentless, isolating and exhausting. It’s easy to focus on the obstacles rather than the progress, it’s easy to give up hope. But we cannot afford to lose faith, we need to keep going and support one another to keep this show on the road.

Community care is a big part of what we strive for at Friends of the Earth. It’s important to take breaks and create moments to resource ourselves by coming together for fun, pleasure and celebration. And what better way to do that than out in nature ahead of the spring equinox. It's a way to celebrate our beautiful planet earth - the very thing we’re working to protect.

Knowing that there are so many others around us from all walks of life and age groups making the choice to take action together in local communities, helping push for stronger action from decision makers and reaching out in solidarity with struggles across the world gives us the emotional strength and capacity we need to be able to deal with our feelings of grief and eco-anxiety whenever they crop up.

I’ll be honest, embracing the freezing cold water is not something that comes easy to me, the thoughts of cold water stopping me in my tracks and taking my breath away often makes me feel like I’m going to chicken out almost every time. But I never regret a dip and I love it. I love the tingly feeling all over my lobster pink body from the ice cold water, my heart racing and my face beaming. It forces me into the present. It’s invigorating. I feel accomplished. And now, I feel like I can do anything. Dipping with a group of friends and comrades makes it all the more rewarding and I can’t wait for this Cold Water Dip Challenge with the Friends of the Earth community. I would love to see you there! - Claudia, Friends of the Earth

Join our Cold Water Dip Challenge

If you’d like to make your challenge a fundraiser we can help you set up a fundraising page and help you ask your friends to sponsor you with a donation. Please note that fundraising is optional and you don’t have to donate to take part!

There are many ways to be an activist and help make a difference. Fundraising is a great way to take action by collectively supporting the work we do at Friends of the Earth, helping us support local climate action through our initiatives such as Cuppa for Climate and Act Local. 

Once you sign up, we’ll send you details of how to fundraise in your community if this is something you would like to do.

If you don’t feel comfortable with getting into the water but would like to be part of this event, you could sign up to volunteer! You can express your interest in volunteering by completing the registration form.