March of the Penguins

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Young Friends of the Earth Rally for Environmental Justice_10Students and young people gathered outside Dáil Eireann today to Rally for Environmental Justice, at 1:30pm.

The rally, organised by Young Friends of the Earth, was to demand that the new government take action on the mounting environmental crisis, which affects younger generations the most.

Tara Clarke, from Young Friends of the Earth said "Young people have often led the way in fighting for social change. And the climate and environmental crises are the most urgent that humanity has ever faced. All over the world young people are taking action to demand a shift to a more sustainable society".

The demonstrators, dressed as penguins to signify the loss of polar ice caps, gathered at Dáil Eireann and marched to the Department of the Environment. It was the first such march that the new government has faced since taking office as protesters rallied to influence the direction of government with an escalating campaign over the next year and beyond.

"Politicians say that nobody asks about climate change on the doorsteps. But five years ago nobody was asking for bank regulations either -Ireland needs far-sighted leadership, not irresponsible populism. And younger generations, having been let down so much so far by our leaders, will not tolerate having our planet trashed", Tara Clarke added.

"Ireland has a proud history of solidarity and support for developing countries. And it is the poor that stand to suffer the worst from the climate crisis. So climate change is a matter of justice as well".

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