Promised mechanisms to ensure delivery and oversight are biggest innovation in Government climate plan

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Friends of the Earth
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17 June 2019

New plan 'gets us to the starting line' on climate action Promised mechanisms to ensure delivery and oversight are biggest innovation

Friends of the Earth has welcomed the publication of the Government's new Climate Action Plan as "the biggest innovation in Irish climate policy in 20 years".

Commenting, Friends of the Earth Director, Oisín Coghlan, said:

"This plan is the biggest innovation in Irish climate policy in 20 years. The key is not simply the measures themselves but the new mechanisms to ensure we actually deliver them.

"The legally-binding 5-year limits on total pollution, the Delivery Board chaired by the Taoiseach's Department, the external Climate Actiom Council to advise and monitor Government, the powerful Oireachtas Committee to call Ministers and top officials to account, and the promise to put our 2050 target into law.

"If these governance reforms had been adopted 12 years ago, when Friends of the Earth first proposed them, Ireland would not now be missing our 2020 targets by a country mile. Now, if the Dáil puts them put into law this year, they can give us a fighting chance of meeting of meeting our 2030 targets.

"This plan gets us to the starting line on climate action. It will take consistent political leadership to ensure it is implemented on time, and that further measures are designed and delivered not just to meet our existing 2030 targets but to put us on the path to zero climate pollution by 2050 at the latest."

Commenting on the commitment to introduce a payment for small-scale renewable electricity, Kate Ruddock, Friends of the Earth Deputy Director, said:


"The ability for communities and individuals to sell power produced from local solar, wind and hydro projects will be a game changer in how we all use and think about the electricity that powers our lives. "By 2030 70% of electricity will be from renewable sources, and the news that small scale generation will be eligible to be sold too will be a huge boost to the many community energy groups who have been working to decarbonise their local areas for a long time. "Enabling people to participate in the energy transition will be key to its success, and it looks like finally community-led power production will be facilitated."

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