Update on Movement Building - new Learning Hub on the way!

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We are delighted to be returning with a new Learning Hub series running from February to May 2022.

This year we’re branching out to include film clips, eco-poetry readings, visual art discussions and inspiring books that encourage critical thinking.The Learning Hub will consist of a series of webinars and workshops that are based on themes and topics emerging from different films, images and texts.

Topics to be explored include:

  • Speaking the Predicament: Activism meets the arts through eco-poetry and the film Homo Sapiens (2016) by Nikolaus Geyrhalter
  • Power to the People with Renewable Energy
  • No New Gas and working towards a fossil free future

We’re hoping that participants will enjoy interpreting the materials we use - and sharing insights that they inspire from different perspectives. Our past Learning Hub workshops have led us through a reflective and engaging process that delved into climate justice, migration, eco-anxiety, future possibilities and a wide range of global issues. (You can watch back some of our previous Learning Hub webinars on our Learning Hub Playlist on YouTube here.) Speakers for this year’s Learning Hub will include activists, artists, writers and more. We’ll be announcing these speakers soon so keep an eye on your emails! In the meantime, you can register for the Learning Hub series of events here.

It is thanks to Irish Aid that we are able to fund this Learning Hub as part of our Global Citizenship Education programme.

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