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Sick of Plastic is a campaign against excessive single use plastic that we run with VOICE. The campaign is working to empower communities to pressure industry and decision makers to take action on single-use plastic.

Action for Plastic Free July - and beyond!

The Sick of Plastic community took positive action for Plastic Free July by making complaints about excess plastic packaging directly to retailers. They wrote to retailers with photos of products that have excess or unnecessary plastic, as seen or purchased in shops. One member sent in photos of plastic wrapped butternut squash! Sick of Plastic has already received feedback from some retailers and is following up on their responses, some of which are really positive, some frankly bluff 'n' guff! The more people who write to retailers, the more pressure for change we will create! You can write to a retailer any time, here are some suggestions for what to ask:

  1. Price loose items competitively.
  2. Lead the way; make their own brand packaging reusable.
  3. Encourage their suppliers to use less plastic. 
  4. Allow consumers to use their own containers.
  5. Introduce a refill station in your store.
  6. Supply dry goods and cleaning products in bulk to reduce packaging.
  7. Eliminate the use of plastic in store provided bags, such as bags for bread and fruit. (breads & fruit).

You can also communicate with retailers on social media - the public visibility will increase your impact! Don’t forget to tag the Sick of Plastic Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account in your posts! 

SOP post about plastic

Tracking down prohibited plastic

Ireland transposed the Single Use Plastics Directive into Irish law in July 2021, banning the sale or supply of plastic cotton bud sticks, disposable plastic cutlery, plates, stirrers, chopsticks, straws, and expanded polystyrene food and beverage containers. We've been tracking down evidence of those items prohibited by the directive on the Irish marketplace. Unfortunately, they're not that difficult to find! There will be a full report in the autumn. If you see any of these prohibited items please do let us know! 


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