Update on Sick of Plastic - The Circular Economy Bill

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Sick of Plastic is a national campaign that we run with VOICE. The campaign is working to empower communities to pressure industry and decision makers to take action on single-use plastic.

Following the success of the “Planet or Plastic?” exhibition we co-hosted last year, the Sick of Plastic campaign is now focusing its attention on a “Circular Economy Bill” which is going through the Dáil. This Bill is important for everyone who is sick of our throw-away culture and who wants to see it change!Developing a Circular Economy is one of the key moves we can make as a nation to help us live more sustainably. We need to make sure that the right infrastructure, language and legislation is in place so that all stakeholders and citizens are operating in a system that is truly circular and not linear - like the throwaway culture we currently operate within.

Imagine how amazing it would be to have all of the unnecessary plastic on your fruit and veg gone. Imagine being able to return your takeaway containers to be refilled and reused by restaurants. Imagine VAT relief and tax reductions on refurbished or repaired items - or being able to refill your own containers at the supermarket. This is what a strong, true circular economy could help us achieve.
The Government has written a draft bill called the Circular Economy Bill. This will affect every citizen, every business and every bin in the country! The Oireachtas Committee on the Environment has made some good recommendations to improve this Bill - we’re advocating to make sure they’re accepted.

The Environmental Pillar has written to Minister Ryan asking him to ensure that the Committee's recommendations are now included in the Bill before it goes back before the Dáil. You can read the letter here. If you would like to help ensure that the recommendations in the report are taken on board, in support of a robust circular economy, you can tweet or email your local politicians asking them to support the Committee's report. You can use this tweet as a guide and learn more about the Circular Economy Bill here.

And remember - if you're in a shop or supermarket and see too much plastic, don't forget to take a photo and tag us on Instagram (sickofplasticireland) or Twitter (@SickOfPlasticIE) with the hashtag #SickofPlastic!

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