Watch it back - Webinar on 7% Emissions Reduction

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If you missed last night's webinar 'Why is everyone talking about 7% and what does it mean?' - fear not, you can watch the recording below!

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Politicians looking to form a government are focused on the idea of 7% emissions reduction. But what does this number really mean and what are climate campaigners saying about it?

Stop Climate Chaos hosted this webinar with esteemed climate scientist Professor John Sweeney, climate scientist Dr. Cara Augustenborg and SCC policy expert Sadhbh O'Neill to break down whats going on.

The news is full of the idea of 7% emissions reduction as a target. What does that actually mean though? Sadhbh, Cara and John take us through the science behind this number, how its calculated, whether its good enough, where it comes from, what it means for climate campaigning and more.

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