Bohemians FC and Friends of the Earth launch plan to level the playing field for Climate Action 

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Today [Thursday 22nd February], Friends of the Earth and Bohemians Football Club join forces to brief politicians in Leinster House on new research which examines how sports clubs can engage fans and members on community-led climate action, specifically home retrofitting and heat pump installation. 

The launch of the new joint report, “Levelling the Playing Field”, comes as Bohemians gear up for their 2nd League of Ireland match of the season against St. Pat’s this Friday, and sets out a groundbreaking approach in engaging communities on measures to enhance energy efficiency in their locality [1]. 

The report, published by Friends of the Earth in partnership with Bohemian FC, includes a summary of Boh’s approach to community engagement through direct consultation with Bohemians members & fans, aiming to understand their diverse perspectives on retrofitting and energy efficiency. It also involved meeting with expert stakeholders including the local Credit Union, SEAI, industry professionals and Codema (Dublin’s Energy Agency) to co-develop community-specific solutions to enhance energy efficiency initiatives amongst Bohs fans, such as tailored finance, trust-building with local contractors, and formation of a local Sustainable Energy Community.

This innovative project marks a significant shift in the discourse surrounding climate action, moving it beyond the realms of environmental activists and policy circles into the everyday lived realities of ordinary people through trusted community spaces like sports clubs.

Clare O’Connor, Energy Policy Officer at Friends of the Earth, said:

“The benefits of climate action, such as warmer homes and lower energy bills from home retrofitting, will have to be felt by everyone if the government’s climate policies and targets are to be successful. Our work with Bohemians marks a fundamental shift towards demystifying climate action by making it more relevant to communities and engaging communities directly. 

The government should now look to initiate these types of partnerships with communities and sports clubs across Ireland to leverage their influential platforms for promoting community engagement related to climate awareness and action.”

Seán McCabe, Head of Climate Justice and Sustainability at Bohemians FC, said:

“This project is not just a testament to what is possible when community, trust, and collective action converge. We are delighted to be partnering with Friends of the Earth to demonstrate how the power of football can mobilise and inspire diverse groups, making climate action accessible and engaging for everyone. This is just the beginning of our journey and we hope to build on the solutions outlined in the report. It reflects a shared commitment to not just envision a more sustainable and equitable future but to actively participate in its creation.”



  1. The report in full can be downloaded here: