Christmas carols to go green for the climate on Grafton Street

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As the COP28 climate negotiations near their end, climate campaigners will sing climate action themed Christmas carols on Grafton Street during Global Day of Climate Action.

Climate campaigners will take to Grafton street from 4-6pm this Saturday 9th December to sing climate action themed Christmas songs in a colorful, festive themed street performance to raise awareness of the climate crisis and the ongoing COP28 global climate negotiations. An eco conscious street choir will sing adapted versions of favorite Christmas carols to bring climate issues to the attention of shoppers on the busiest shopping day of the season while also raising funds for environmental justice charity, Friends of the Earth. The songs will include an adapted version of “Last Christmas” entitled “Fast Christmas” to raise awareness of the environmental toll of disposable gifts and an adapted version of “God rest ye merry gentlemen” that will call for an end to investments in climate wrecking fossil fuels [1]. 

Speaking ahead of the musical street action, Claudia Tormey of Friends of the Earth said:

We’re singing these Christmas carols with a difference to bring some festive fun to the serious issue of climate breakdown. We want to bring some joy into our climate activism while also gently nudging shoppers to think about the impact their shopping choices can have and the very positive impact they can have by supporting climate action.  

We want to question consumerism and show people that much more lasting joy can come from taking action to protect our precious planet and all who live on it. The world’s poorest people, who have done least to cause climate change, are suffering most from its impacts. We’ll be encouraging the public to think about these people and show solidarity with them by taking action with us - be it by joining with us in song, signing our petition for fast and fair climate action or donating to support Friends of the Earth’s work to hold the Government to account on its climate promises”

The street performance will take place from 4-6pm and media and journalists are welcome at any time. However the choir will pose specifically for photographers and videographers at 4.30pm at the big Christmas tree beside the St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre. Friends of the Earth staff and volunteers will be available for interview about the performance and will also be available to talk about the ongoing COP28 climate talks. Friends of the Earth staff are also available for interview in advance of the performance on any of the days leading up to it. 

As a climate friendly Christmas gift option, Friends of the Earth is offering people the opportunity to make a donation in a friend’s name this Christmas. People who donate 20 euro or more in this way will get a personalised gift card to send to their friend [2]. Friends of the Earth is urging the Irish Government to endorse a global treaty to phase out fossil fuels at the ongoing COP28 Climate Talks [3].


  1. The lyrics for the climate themed carols and songs can be viewed in full here

  2. For more visit the Friends of the Earth website here:

  3. For more on this see here