Comparative Assessment of the Climate Act 2021

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Comparative Assessment of the Climate Action Act 2021 - DCU October 2021 (1)
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An independent comparative assessment of the Irish Climate Act has been published today, 18th October. The study by the DCU Centre for Climate and Society, which was commissioned by Friends of the Earth, compared the Irish law to other national framework climate laws in Europe and beyond. The study’s lead researcher, Dr Diarmuid Torney, assessed the extent to which the new Climate Act delivers eight core components that have been identified as key features of national framework climate laws. His analysis found that Ireland's Climate Act is broadly in the realm of international best practice, although there are some exceptions and remaining shortcomings.

Commenting on the study, Friends of the Earth Director, Oisín Coghlan said:

“Given it took a 14 year campaign to get this climate law, it is good to see the study finds it is broadly in line with international best practice.

However the study makes clear that the climate law is just the framework for action. Now the real work begins as the Government agrees Ireland’s Carbon Budgets and the measures for every part of the economy and society to be supported to do its fair share to live within those budgets.”

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