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Still left out in the cold

This research report, based on input from 32 experts across housing, poverty, climate, and energy, unpacks how current climate, housing and social protection policies go some way in protecting vulnerable households, but are ultimately failing to address the root causes of energy deprivation. Full report - Summary report


Levelling the Playing Field - Report - Print (1)

Levelling The Playing Field: Climate Action For All 

This joint report with Bohemians FC follows in the footsteps of our earlier report ‘Still Left Out in the Cold’, which provides a critical analysis of energy poverty in Ireland, highlighting the inadequacy of current government responses, especially in the private rental sector. Read the full report


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Bridging the Gap - Between Energy Poverty and Energy Renovation

A report commissioned by Friends of the Earth in partnership with the Irish Green Building Council which makes a series of policy recommendations to Government on how to better address energy poverty in Ireland through ambitious and targeted energy renovation programmes. Read the full report


Blockages to Retrofitting and Heat-pump Installation in Ireland


An Examination of Blockages to Retrofitting and Heat-pump Installation in Ireland

A research report on barriers to retrofitting in Ireland, that provides an overview of the challenges faced by Irish households, policymakers, and government bodies in achieving Ireland’s retrofit and heat pump targets and notes a range of solutions identified by experts. Read the full report

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Health Impacts of Fossil Fuels in Our Homes

We explore the health impacts of fossil fuels and how breaking free from them could radically improve our health. See our 10 Things to Know about Fossil Fuels in Irish Homes


District Heating

This briefing summarises the main opportunities and challenges associated with district heating rollout, as well as risks and complications in terms of ownership and development of district heating networks in Ireland. Read the briefing here