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We’re asking YOU to decide what greenwashing category is worthy of our “Fossil Heating Greenwashing Award” for being the most dishonest and dangerous. Have your say by voting today!

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Kicking fossil fuels out of our home heating systems would change our lives so much for the better. It would free us from our dependence on expensive, dirty fuels that are not only driving the climate crisis but leaving many of us cold and broke as we struggle to pay overpriced energy bills. Retrofitting our homes so that we could heat them without fossil fuels would be a game changer for our wellbeing. The good news is that we have the technologies to do this; from insulation, to heat pumps to solar panels. But with their mega profits at stake, the fossil fuel industry and their supporters are pulling out all the stops to prevent this from happening. 

The fossil fuel industry is promoting Boilers for Global Boiling; tricking us into buying boilers that could keep us in their grip for years to come.

Boilers for Global Boiling (1)They’re Greenwashing Gas; using dishonest greenwashing tactics to make gas (and oil) sound “green” and promoting dangerous false solutions to the climate crisis.

gas greenwashers new imageThey’re using Insidious Sponsorship; sponsoring our sport, our children’s art competitions, and much more in a desperate attempt to buy our consent to keep fossil fuels in our heating systems despite the misery and destruction that they cause. 


We’re asking YOU to decide which of these reckless fossil fuel industry tactics deserves our “Fossil Heating Greenwashing Award” for being the most dishonest and dangerous. Click on the butttons below to learn more about each nominee and then vote for the nominee you deem to be the most reckless. 

Nominee One: Boilers for Global Boiling

Nominee Two: The Gas Greenwashers

Nominee Three: Insidious Sponsorship