Government should support amendments to Gas Networks Ireland governance Bill

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Amendments from Brian Leddin and Darren O'Rourke would ensure GNI aligns with climate goals

Friends of the Earth has called on the Government to accept amendments proposed by Green Party TD Brian Leddin and Sinn Fein TD Darren O'Rourke when the Gas (Amendment) Bill 2023 is considered by the Committee on Climate Action on Wednesday morning. The legislation concerns the functions of Gas Networks Ireland and climate campaigners contend it is an important opportunity to take steps towards ending our dependency on dirty, expensive fossil fuels, including gas. 

The Climate Act is clear that state agencies must act "in a manner consistent with" Ireland's climate objectives and plans in so far as practical, but campaigners have major concerns regarding the functions of Gas Networks Ireland, whose priority remains expanding its fossil fuel infrastructure, connecting customers to the gas network (including data centres) and locking in gas demand, despite our climate obligations.

Commenting in advance of on Wednesday's Committee proceedings, Jerry Mac Evilly, Head of Policy in Friends of the Earth said:

"State companies must help not hinder the energy transition. This means ensuring Ireland's dependence on polluting expensive gas decreases not increases. Minister Ryan said last Thursday that 'The future [for GNI] will not be providing fossil gas to an ever expanding network of customers or users'. It follows that the Government should have no problem accepting the latest proposed amendments to bring GNI's functions in line with our legally binding climate objectives."


1. The meeting of the Select Committee on Climate Action concerning the Gas (Amendment) Bill 2023 is at 9.30am or Wednesday 6 December.

2. The amendments to the Bill proposed by Brian Leddin and by Darren O'Rourke can be found here:

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