Local Election Fracking Free Campaign Launches

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Today, 29th April 2014, Friends of the Earth launch the Fracking Free Ireland campaign for the local elections. In the run up to polling day to be held on May 23rd, candidates are being asked to take the 'Fracking Free Ireland Pledge' which calls for a commitment to oppose the development of this controversial fossil fuel extraction industry in Ireland.

Click here to see updated list of who has already signed.

The Pledge simply states,

"I support a Fracking Free Ireland. If elected, I will work to ensure that fracking is not permitted in my area."

As a voter who is concerned about the environment, the strongest thing you can do right now is vote for a candidate who pledges to make protection of the environment a priority.

Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a dangerous process that involves pumping large volumes of toxic chemicals into the ground in order to extract natural gas for burning. Fracking poses significant threats to our water, land, climate and our public health.

Please help us find out what position our elected representatives will take on Fracking in our local areas. Let's make sure those who are elected will do the right thing for our people and our planet and will work to ensure there is no place for this dirty, climate-polluting industry in Ireland.

The Irish government is considering proposals from two companies that would involve hydraulic fracturing to extract gas onshore in rural Ireland. If these projects go ahead, these areas would be irrevocably damaged, as would their existing farming and tourism sectors. There is still time, Ireland is currently Fracking Free, and with your help we can show politicians and industry that Ireland is committed to remaining Fracking Free.

Simply click here and follow these simple steps to ask your local election representatives to take the Fracking Free Ireland Pledge.

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