Looking back at our Cold Water Dip Challenge

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On the 16th of March, we had our Cold Water Dip Challenge, a unique twist to climate action! We hosted this gathering as a collective reminder of what it is we’re working so hard to protect and that we aren’t alone in this fight for a better and safer world. A big thank you to each and every one of you who participated in the challenge over the bank holiday weekend. And a special thank you to those who fundraised for our cause. 

Whether you braved the icy depths by yourself or joined us at Sandycove, the sight of so many of you coming together, despite the chilly and rainy conditions, was nothing short of inspiring. Taking part in this challenge - or any type of challenge for a good cause - is great for your well-being. It helps sustain your activism and is a great way to connect with people who share your passion for preserving our planet, our home.  

u2Spending time in nature alongside like-minded individuals who share our concerns and aspirations provides us with a sense of solidarity and hope. Climate anxiety is a real thing that people suffer from, and it can sometimes feel isolating and exhausting. It’s easy to focus on the obstacles and it’s easy to give up hope. That is why community care is a big part of Friends of the Earth. It’s important to take breaks and create moments to take a moment for ourselves by coming together for fun, pleasure and celebration.

This type of challenge is a unique climate action to raise awareness, stand up for a good cause, and to do something for yourself and your community. There are many ways to be an activist—taking part in protests, e-actions, financial support, community fundraising and taking part in challenges like this. We hope this inspires you to take on a challenge yourself. The event might be over, but you can still do a challenge on your own time. Go to our Idonate page to start your challenge today! 

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