March for Paris, now more than ever

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We need you now more than ever.

The French Government has cancelled the People's Climate March in Paris on Sunday, amid ongoing security fears. The people of Paris may not be able to march for climate justice but we can.

This movement is bigger than any one march, and we need everyone now more than ever. The Global Climate March -- which already consists of thousands of events, small and large, all around the world -- goes on. From London to Los Angeles, Quito to Quizon City, people are still taking to the streets. Join us in Dublin on Sunday at 2pm on Custom House Quay. There are also events in Belfast, Galway and Cork.


We will be marching for climate justice, community energy and a carbon free future. We will also be marching in solidarity with the French, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis and all those affected by the ongoing violence.

We already know climate chaos would undermine our societies and economies. We know that tackling climate change is a question of global justice. But climate change is also exacerbating conflict. Drought has been identified as one of the key catalysts of the Syrian conflict, killing livestock, undermining rural livelihoods and driving migration to the cities.

So when 150 world leaders arrive in Paris on Monday to kick-start the UN talks for a global climate deal, it will also be a justice and peace summit. And we cannot let Governments' security agenda silence civil society. When prime ministers meet we want the voices of the people ringing in their ears.

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We will be marching because we don't trust our leaders to lead. We know the real leaders are the communities on the frontline of the climate crisis and of the energy revolution we need to solve it. Communities resisting land grabs for palm oil plantations in Africa, communities pioneering collective solar energy projects across the world and those organizing to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

If enough of us lead, our leaders will follow. Sunday's march will set the agenda and in the months and years ahead we will hold our leaders accountable for delivering it.

When your nieces and nephews and sons and daughters ask you where you were when politicians went to Paris and told their peoples to stay at home, what will you say?

Join us on Sunday and say you were leading the way to a just and peaceful future.

In solidarity and determination,

Oisin, Heather, Nicola, Kate and Ciara
Your Friends of the Earth team

P.S. With our friends in Stop Climate Chaos, we are still organizing a Climate Justice and Solidarity trip to Paris for the end of the UN talks. The French Government has banned the international demonstration on Saturday 12th, but international civil society is still working on creative ways for the tens of thousands still travelling to Paris to have the last word. Friends of the Earth International is organizing an indoor event on Friday 11th. The NGO Climate Action Zone is still going ahead with the support of the French Government. Read the detailed programme here. Live updates on the plans can be found here. If you want to join us for the overland trip - leaving the evening of Wednesday 9th and arriving back on the morning of Monday 14th - fill out this form and we'll be in touch. Stop Climate Chaos is subsidizing the trip so it'll cost around €250 depending on final numbers.

P.P.S We need about 20 stewards for the March on Sunday. If you're available from 1pm, are happy to wear a high-vis vest and shepherd people through the streets, reply to this email with your name and phone number.

Please forward this email to anyone you know who might meet up with you at the march.

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