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Emissions from Industrialised countries are still high

AFP Carbon emissions from the industrialised world in 2006 were higher than at the start of the century, mainly as a …

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Obama says he will act quickly on climate change

The Guardian Barack Obama, who has spent much of the time since his election closeted with his advisers in Chicago, sent a …

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Maldives seek to buy a new Homeland

The Guardian by Randeep Ramesh The Maldives will begin to divert a portion of the country's billion-dollar annual tourist revenue into …

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Gormley critical of Smith's speech on cattle

The Irish Times By Harry McGhee MINISTER FOR Agriculture Brendan Smith was yesterday taken to task by his Cabinet colleague John …

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The Ministerial row over agricultural emissions shows need for climate law

Government must resume debate of Climate Protection Bill Friends of the Earth has said that the open …

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Dublin Friends of the Earth, first monthly meeting, Thursday 6th Novemeber

Dublin Friends of the Earth, the capital's new local Friends of the Earth group, is holding it's …

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