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Earthshot - we need another giant leap for humanity

Forty years ago Neil Armstrong took "one giant leap for mankind" when he set foot on the moon, an achievement …

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Greens to Seek Carbon Tax in new Programme for Government

Greens put Coalition on line over fuel taxes Irish Independant By Michael Brennan A RAFT of new environmental taxes …

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Friends of the Earth Ireland Internship Programme 2009

Friends of the Earth is recruiting interns to participate in our fourth annual internship programme. The successful …

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Climate change and food security to dominate G8

The Irish Times by Jamie Smyth LEADERS FROM the G8 group of leading economies meet in Italy tomorrow to try to agree a common …

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Cowen to discuss climate with Ban Ki-Moon

The Irish Times By Deaglan de Breadun TAOISEACH BRIAN Cowen is to discuss issues of world hunger and climate change at a meeting with …

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Climate Law must freeze our vested interests.

If business groups are not allowed a say, strong new measures can benefit the public and boost investment, writes JOHN GIBBONS . …

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