Solar Schools ***Competition Time***

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Solar Schools

Do you want your school to be a Solar School? To run on free, clean, renewable energy?

Friends of the Earth and a number of energy co-operatives are running a competition to give five lucky schools the opportunity to have solar panels, designed and installed at their school in 2019 with a 90% grant.   

The winning schools will receive solar electricity panels worth €10,000, and will then be able to power themselves with free renewable electricity generated right from their roof.  They will even make money from selling any extra energy that is generated outside of school hours.  At least 90% of the costs will be covered by a grant, and the schools will only have to provide a contribution of a maximum of €1,000 or 10% of the costs.  

This is a pilot project targeting a number of specific areas.  If your school is located in one of the target areas, then register here to be in with a chance to win. 


How it works……

Step #1 Register-Now

Fill in the Application form here 

It’s very simple.  All you need to do is:

- Confirm your school has a roof that is south, southeast or southwest facing (most do!)

- Tell us why you want your school to run on solar power (100 words)

- Give us an idea for an activity that your school could do on renewable energy and climate change in your community, and a promise that you'll do it! .  It could be an art/science project, community event a game, something with parents/students/local residents/politicians....  (100 words)-

Step #2

Upload a video/photo here by 7th December 2018Upload

We strongly encourage you to upload a short 60 second video of your school, explaining your idea for an activity on renewable energy.

If you can’t manage a video, a photo will be fine. 

Step #3

Get Voting

Applications will be judged by an independent judging panel and an online public vote.    


Step #4

Winners announced

Winners will get solar panels installed at their school. 

We will also work with the winners to undertake their idea for their activity on renewable energy.

As part of the deal, we’ll need from the winners,

- Electricity Bills for one year

- A photo of your school roof

- A commitment to fundraise for 10% of the costs (to a maximum of €1,000). [Don’t let this bit stop you, we can help with fundraising]

- A commitment from the Board of Management that solar panels can be installed by the end of August 2019.


Friends of the Earth are very grateful for the financial support pledged by the Tomar Trust in support of the Solar Schools project. 

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