New Shannon LNG proposal tone deaf to Government’s climate and energy requirements

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Government must take immediate steps to enact promised climate and energy conditions before making any final decision about how to establish an emergency backup gas storage facility.

Shannon LNG, the company behind the failed development of a commercial import terminal for polluting fossil gas, which was rejected by planning authorities last year, has produced a new, dangerous and misleading proposal for the site it owns in Kerry. Dubbing it a ‘strategic gas reserve’, Shannon LNG contends its latest plans align with the Government’s energy security review, but it ignores key requirements laid out by the Government, as well as the clear policy against importing fracked gas.

Jerry Mac Evilly, Head of Policy in Friends of the Earth stated:

Shannon LNG’s update this week is the latest in a long line of proposals which run counter to climate and environmental policy. Last year Shannon LNG was refused planning permission in light of the Government’s 2021 Policy Statement introducing a moratorium on LNG and fracked gas imports, as well as the Government’s independent analysis which raised a range of risks with such a development.

“This latest proposal appears to be little more than a Trojan horse for a long-term commercial project to import more polluting gas. It remains dependent on sourcing the most harmful fracked gas which has damaged a host of communities across the US and was therefore rejected by Government. It also ignores the comprehensive requirements set out in the Government’s energy security package last November, which made clear that any gas reserve must be temporary, for emergency backup use only in the event of disruption of normal supply, not result in additional gas demand, and be in accordance Ireland’s climate law obligations. To avoid any further confusion, Government must ensure these clear conditions are enacted now before any further decision on establishing a gas reserve.

“It is essential that planning authorities and all relevant state bodies are obliged and committed to assess all such fossil fuel projects in accordance with the State’s climate and energy commitments. They must be clear in opposing fossil fuel infrastructure which risks locking Ireland into using polluting expensive, gas for decades to come.”

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